Rockford Pet Wellness Services

Preventive Medicine

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Annual exams are important in establishing a normal pattern for your pet's weight, temperature and body condition. A thorough, hands-on physical examination assists in detecting hidden problems that may otherwise go unnoticed until your pet's health deteriorates drastically. Issues like diabetes, cancer, heart disease, hormone imbalances, arthritis and pain can be caught early and treated promptly, allowing your pet the opportunity to lead a better quality of life. A preventive approach provides our veterinarians with the opportunity to tailor a specific health and immunization plan to your pet's unique lifestyle and needs.

Veterinary Immunizations

As a result of the numerous advances in veterinary medical technology, we have the ability to prevent many serious, life-threatening diseases. Our hospital has recently adopted a three-year vaccine protocol which fully protects your pet against contagious diseases while reducing the risks of post-vaccination reactions. These vaccinations are usually administered in conjunction with your pet's annual physical exam. Our technicians and veterinarians are happy to discuss the new vaccine protocol with you.

Microchip Identification

A microchip is a permanent and unique form of identification. About the size of a grain of rice, it is inserted between your pet's shoulder blades and remains under the skin throughout the life of your pet. Should your pet become lost, a locating animal control officer, shelter or veterinary hospital can use a special scanner to identify the code, contact the database where you registered and ultimately reunite you with your pet. Bellwood Animal Hospital proudly uses the Home Again Microchip ID system.

Ophthalmic Care

Your pet's vision and ophthalmic health is important. Here at Bellwood Animal Hospital, we provide glaucoma screening using state-of-the-art-instruments to help detect glaucoma before your pet's vision falls into jeopardy. Other eye tests we conduct are pupillary light reflexes, the Schirmer test and fluorescein stains.

Nutritional Consultation

Should your pet need a specific diet, we carry specialized pet foods for a variety of dietary needs. Our knowledgeable Rockford veterinarians and technicians can help design an individual nutrition plan for your pet. Bellwood Animal Hospital offers the following specialty prescription foods: