Diagnostic Services


Radiology Services at Bellwood Animal Hospital

Bellwood Animal Hospital is equipped with an in-house X-ray machine that provides high-quality images. Radiographs enable our veterinary staff to diagnose your pet's condition quickly and efficiently.


Diagnostic ultrasound has arrived at Bellwood Animal Hospital! There are many benefits to using this imaging modality as an adjunct to more traditional means of diagnosis such as X-rays or exploratory surgery. Diagnostic ultrasound is non-invasive and anesthesia is usually not required, although sometimes mild sedation is necessary. While X-rays provide an excellent assessment of your pet's skeletal system and are still the first line in diagnostic imaging for abdominal and thoracic disease, ultrasound is ideal for a more in-depth evaluation of soft tissues such as internal organs. Ultrasound provides a dynamic, real-time, three-dimensional assessment of your pet. It allows your veterinarian to identify abnormal soft tissue architecture and function, assess blood flow, identify urinary bladder stones, and assess fetal movement and heartbeat.

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Our in-house laboratory equipment allows us to perform tests that may indicate disease or infection. We regularly test for heartworm, tick-borne diseases, FeLV/FIV viruses, fecal parasites and microscopic infections of the ear and skin. Urine testing is also performed regularly at our hospital. Our laboratory provides us with the capability to perform complete blood counts, chemistry profiles and pre-anesthetic blood screens. Specimens are sent to outside laboratories if more extensive and complex tests are required.

Our convenient in-house pharmacy allows you to begin your pet's treatment immediately after his or her examination. Along with prescription medication, we carry flea and tick preventives as well as preventive medication for heartworm and other parasites.