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Selecting A New Dog or Puppy

Are you looking for a new dog or puppy to join you family? The doctors at Bellwood Animal Hospital will be happy to help you with this selection. This can be both an exciting and a confusing time. You want to make sure that the pet you select is the right fit for you and your family. The right size, right temperament, are allergies an issue, activity level, indoor and outdoor activity level, whether your dog will need to be groomed, the overall aggression level of the breed, learning rate, emotional stability, behavioral consistency, and whether or not they are good with children are all extremely important factors to how happy you will be with your new pet long term.

Please feel free to call us at Bellwood Animal Hospital at (815) 398-6484 and let us help with these sometimes confusing and difficult decisions. We want you and your new pet to be happy together for many years!

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