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Dr. Ivan Veljic Bio - Relief Veterinarian

Dr. Ivan Veljic will be coming on board here at Bellwood as a Relief Veterinarian during April and May. This is necessary because one of our veterinarians will need to take a medical leave during April and May. We've included his bio so that you all can feel more like you know him if you come into the clinic during that time period.

Dr. Veljic is a relief veterinarian, serving as a replacement in practices when regular doctors have to take time off. He has covered the Chicago metropolitan area and suburbs for almost ten years.

Born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia (former Yugoslavia) he graduated from the University of Belgrade, School of Veterinary Medicine earning a DVM degree in 1981. He practiced both large and small animal medicine in his home country.

Dr. Veljic has lived permanently in the USA since 1994. He worked with lab animals at Ohio State University until he moved to Chicago in 1997 to start working as a technician at one of the VetSmart hospitals and two other private practices. He did these jobs while preparing and taking exams to become a licensed veterinarian in the state of Illinois.

Dr. Veljic worked as an associate veterinarian at Melrose Park Animal Hospital, Illinois, before he started doing relief work.

He is a member of AVMA and CVMA.

Dr. Veljic's Interests and hobbies include history, traveling, cooking and chess playing.

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