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Bellwood would like to give you an update on Dr. Beth during her surgical recovery! Dr. Beth is about 4 weeks out from surgery and is doing very well! She had a revision surgery to her right knee after having had a total knee replacement a the age of 12, part of the surgical reconstruction due to childhood bone cancer (osteosarcoma) in her right knee and thigh bone. Most of her original artificial knee joint had to be replaced due to wear and tear over the last 24 years. Dr. Beth has been cancer free since this original procedure 24 years ago, thanks to some lengthy hospital stays at UW Children's Hospital for chemotherapy, multiple surgeries and plenty of rehabilitation. She is off crutches and continuing to work on strength and balance in her right knee. Everything went well during the procedure, and she is expected to return to Bellwood the week of May 23rd on a part time basis, hopefully quickly returning to full time duties! She already feels as strong as before surgery, but obviously needs continued physical therapy to get back to the best condition possible! She looks forward to being back with all her furry patients!

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